Redeemed 20!


Redeemed- To buy back to repurchase

We owe God our praise.  No matter what, we are in constant indebtedness to our God for the undeserving and unwavering Love he shows us continually. Words can never be enough to express our gratitude for the Lamb who was slain. So like oil, we pour it out in our praise and worship to him, for The reward of his suffering is found in us. Redeemed it’s an outpouring of worship to God as various worship leaders gather together to sow seeds of worship to the glory of God. 

It is a moment of heartfelt worship to fan the embers of worship in the hearts of people totally focused on who God is. So we gather at the invitation of our father in Heaven the Host, We marvel at his magnificence and simplicity of Love towards us. We are redeemed because a father Loved us so much he refused to let us go even if it meant losing his beloved. So join us as we worship our King, the one who was and is and is to come, as we glory in Him because we are Redeemed.


I was strongly compelled to sow a seed of worship as a token of gratitude for two decades of dedicated service in God’s vinyeard. This endeavor holds profound significance in my heart, and the opportunity to unite with fellow music ministers to cultivate a sublime offering of worship for the utterly deserving deity (Yahweh) is indeed a remarkable honor and privilege.

Our aspiration is that this endeavor bestows blessings upon you, rekindling the flame of your worshipful spirit, and serving as a poignant reminder of God’s boundless and unrestrained love.

George-Rekano Nyambi – Project Lead